The green twig

Gosh, It’s already February and this spring is going to be sooo exciting. Jon and I have 3 flights and 1 train ride to look forward to. In March we’re going to Mallorca to visit Abbey and Jeremy and as a bonus Jon’s dad and granma will be there as well. It’ll be soo sweet. When we get back we just have to work a few days and then we go to Edinburgh to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. In April we go to Sweden over the Easter holiday to visit my family in the Stockholm area. Later in April we go to Gothenburg (sort of) to share Samuel and Sofia’s big day. It will be awesome!
And it’s soon as well… Ah how my life has turned around from small studioflats in London and NO MONEY what so ever to “the green twig” as we say in Sweden.
So a lot of things have been happening but I have forgotten to write about it. One thing that happened just yesterday was that Jon bought me flowers! He tried to the other week but we did not have a vase so he didn’t. But yesterday he came home with flowers AND a vase. Very well planned cause I’d had a horrible day and pmsing and everything. I have never gotten flowers before like that. It felt nice ;)
Yesterday ended quite abruptly with me falling asleep to Saturday Night Live before ten. We’d watched Napoleon Dynamite before that and I don’t really understand why I have missed that movie before. Such a classic!
Today at work was sort of the same as always, a little bit better. It was me running around trying to do everything and all at once. I will though. I will do it all. I will accomplish.
Goodnight, speak again soon. /C

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