Barb, Tan & Jam

Had a great weekend. The weather has been awesome.

Sunday we went to the beach, first time for me on a beach in the UK. It was luvely. We just got there a bit late and traffic home was horrible. But that’s England for ya. Here’s some photos:

Friday morning run and weekend anticipation

We did it! We went up for a morning run and it was awesome. So refreshing and now it’s done, no need to think about it after work when to go for a run. We are free! Until Sunday… :)
It wasn’t my best run though, Saturday I had so much energy, ran the whole route without stopping and beat our record with over a minute. But today was not as energetic. But still, good run decent time.

P’boro is going to treat us with some nice weather this weekend so it will be braii tomorrow. After Sweden has won their semi final that is :)
After work today, at two, I’m meeting Jon in town for a pint and some shopping. YAY!

Now I’m off to work for a few hrs – have a nice friday, folks!

Bicycle road rage

I have noticed I have a very short temper when I’m on my bike. It might be that people are as horrible as I think when I’m on that bike, or I suffer from road rage. But people I meet, walking cycling and driving are just insane and I’ve realized I actually start verbalizing some of my thoughts, still in a low voice to myself but soon I will scream something horrible and insulting to someone. It is just a matter of time… Need to practice my self-control.

Work and Hormones

I really don’t feel like going to work today and yet I need to leave in 5 mins. I know it’s because of my female hormones, period coming up this week. And I try to suppress the anxiety and ignore the thoughts in my head trying to imply my feelings are actually valid and that it might be the fact that we are understaffed in the admin team at the moment that makes me miserable or that we have so much to do up until our audit or that there is an obnoxious person at the office with arrogant attitude and lame ass jokes that I don’t get. But no, seriously I’ve been through worse and it is the pms trying to take over.

I really wanted to get up for a run this morning instead of running in the evening. My alarm went off (Ceasar’s Palace – Over b’fore it started) I woke up and really felt awake. But I looked at Jon and didn’t dare to wake him up. He’s been working so hard lately. In early, home late, working Saturdays, so I couldn’t wake him up for a run. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference but still. Wednesday maybe…?

Oh well, need to shoot off to work now. Bye bye

Sunday Morning

Good morning! We’re up already, dunno why but I woke up and could not go back to sleep. So I’m sitting here eating my carrot bread I baked yesterday and drinking coffee. We had a nice relaxing evening last night with luvely Guinness Stew which I recommend to everyone. It takes quite some time to prepare and the meat is quite expensive, but it is so worth it! mmm….
We started watching a movie starring Michael Scott from the office but Jon got so annoyed by it so we had to turn it off. I didn’t care, could have watched through but really it’s a waste of time coz I knew it was a rubbish movie.
We went for a run yesterday aswell and beat our record! not by much, but it gives you a bit of  boost when you do well, and can see your making progress. I love my new running shoes as well, they are so much better than my last ones.

Here’s some photos from yesterday:

baked carrot bread
The Guinness stew (Recipe: Needs to simmer for like 2-3 hours. But yummy!
Mrs & Mr
Saturday dinner; Guinness stew, potato bake and yorkshire pudding
Parsley and pine apple – still life photo :D I used to buy containers with bits of pineapple and eat at work until a colleague said that I was stupid and that I should buy a pineapple and cut it myself – what a mission I thought! but actually, it was not too bad and it is so much cheaper. And tastes nicer aswell.
And then a few episodes of House through a glass of wine hehe

Roof man and running amateur

This morning a guy was sitting on the roof just opposite our window. They are demolishing the buildings there so soon we won’t have any privacy…
Also, i am trying to become a running freak. I even bought a magazine today; Runner’s World. I have made a playlist for tomorrow morning and I record every progress in an excel file. Good start huh?
My next plan is to make this an annoying running blog…. how do you feel about that? Leave a comment!

The move from Nilssonsberg

So, first weekend in May Jon and I went to Gothenburg to move all my stuff from my flat. I’ve given notice to my wonderful Nilssonsberg flat. End of an era. Well I suppose changes weren’t big we were moving there anytime soon anyway. So in a way it was a relief. My supportive parents came down to help us deal with the mess and all the stuff. They brought their camper van and we stayed in a beautiful camping.

Strange dreams

Hello good morning,
Jon is still at work and I’m drinking Cranberry juice to try to get some vitamin C in my system. Waiting for breakfast until he comes home. Had the weirdest dream that we moved to Sweden, but not planned and organised but just broke up and went. And the weirdest thing is I really missed p’boro. and also this woman had been filming this movie and I was in it and I was all worried that now she had to find someone to replace me and film all the scenes again… Such problems!
Last night I dreamt that I was working for the local newspaper and I was going to interview Moneybrother but I did not have any time to prepare and I just got closer and closer to the time of the interview. And when I finally was let backstage to see the guys in the band. I was struggling! All I asked about was Monster (the leadsinger’s old old band) and how much I loved them back in the days, completely irrelevant. And then the stupidest question fell outta my lips: “So, tell me how your new album was inspired?” and the singer: “Well, our new album is like half done… So it is still a work in progress”
Weird weird dreams…

Cinnamon buns

So, this whole cinnamon bulle situation went out of hand. Bake bake bake… Made a 100 kanelbullar. I am sooo tired now. And the dishes! Dishes! GAh, thank goodness it’s Saturday tomorrow. I am going to secretly rearrange the furniture in the livingroom tomorrow… Secretly from Jon that is, he is working tomorrow. Unless he sees this blog. Which is highly unlikely. :P
Here are some pictures from the baking:
Watching House
And now we’re watching House before going to bed. Always House…

Sick study

Hello hello, gosh, I’m sick again. Got such a cold! Gah, just want to be well. Coughing my lungs out and running outta toilet paper from all the nose blowing.
Anyway, I’m trying to be a little bit productive here in my loneliness. Studying a bit, trying to complete a report I did a year ago and the deadline for the completion is the end of this month. I just want to get it out of my way so I can focus on my current project which I’m also way behind on. But I’m trying not to stress out about it too much. Just want to feel good and do my best.
This weekend is the first weekend at home in a long time. I am looking forward to it. Although last weekend in gothenburg was really great. A lot of “had to’s” but still got to see some people I’ve missed. Not everyone thought – so sorry about that.