New specs

Hello good evening!

I picked up my new specs today. I like them!

I have also given notice to my flat in Gothenburg today. End of an era indeed. Nice flat, but in a way I feel relieved. Need to plan for the move of all my stuff and so on. Hopefully we can take the car to Goth and pick whatever I want up and get rid of the rest.
Jon’s going the dishes. Weird time to do them, but hey should be glad he’s doing them at all right? I saw this dishwasher today for £75. A dishwasher would really make me happy.
I’m gonna continue enjoying my weekend now. xxx

Brit Awards and Pick & Mix

Hello, we’ve been watching the Brit Awards 2010. It’s ending now with a Robbie Williams medley. The award show was alright but nothing extraordinary.

Elaine came to visit this weekend. We walked around the city. I bargained a jacket, or so I thought when Jon made me aware of the fact that it was a Primark jacket, so I probably paid more than for a new one ;) Oh well – it was definitely worth 4.95.
Sunday we drove the a pub called the Goat in one of the villages outside P’boro I ordered Shepherd’s pie but I was disappointed. It tasted like mince with cheese on top.
Jon and I have started jogging now. We ran around the park yesterday (4 mins quicker than Saturday). It feels good to finally be doing something and hopefully get rid of the extra kilos that have been collecting themselves on both of us.
Work was good today. Got some work done on the Manual that I have to rewrite. Some parts more than other. I’m glad I managed to put some time aside today. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff. But I do actually need to prioritize the Manual. It needs to be completed soon.
Oh well, leaving it here for now. Good night!
So Friday evening. Excitiiiing huh?! I am so tired. Been trinking juice and working on a school project. I finally finished a project I should have handed in a few weeks ago. Well, that is I finished the design of the broshure. Today I wrote the report. And sometime soon I need to to a sketch of the website. Daaah… A new course has started already which I am actually looking forward to. Going to learn PHP and so on.
Here is a list of things I don’t like:
  • Finding the two socks that fit together after doing laundry. I always seems to add up with similar style of socks but the one is slightly, slightly more washed out.
  • Doing dishes. I really don’t like it. I know I am the most skillful dish wash-upper in this household so I end up doing them most of the time. My best present now would be a dishwasher.

Well it’s a list, not the longest one, but still.

I did not go for a run the other day. It’s surprisingly easy to come up with excuses I’ve noticed. Although there has been snowing here this week.
Jon’s mum Elaine is coming for a visit tomorrow. Looking forward to that, I’m sure we’ll have interesting conversations and go for a walk or two.
I should probably retire now, how boring and “married-life” that might sound…
Good morning! I’m having striped swedish Kalle’s caviar on toast for breakfast this morning. I have to leave for work soon. There’s a lot of people off sick at the moment. Yesterday was really hectic and stressful. I am hoping that today will be a little less stressful. Probably not though… It’s just annoying because you plan on getting stuff done that you really need to get cracking with and all you end up doing is trying to get through the day and do everything you and your colleague off need to get done. Phew! But I’m not complaining really, still enjoying the role.
I’m hoping to go running tonight. Jon bought running shoes on Friday. Before he realised we’re basically bankrupt this month. :S The money I started saving up for a SA trip will have to go, otherwise we won’t be able to eat. Anyway what we CAN do and SHOULD is go out running. The weather looks fine so far. Probably a little cold but so what?
We didn’t get up to much this weekend that just passed. Jon and I got completely hooked on the Apprentice and watch a whole season. It’s so great! Brilliant!
We were invited for dinner at some friends house and we had a lot of fun!
Then I did a little bit of studying. Had to start all over with one of my assignments cause I wasn’t happy at all with the outcome and couldn’t really finish it off. But back on track now and feel a lot better about it.
I have to cycle to work now!
xx Caroline

The green twig

Gosh, It’s already February and this spring is going to be sooo exciting. Jon and I have 3 flights and 1 train ride to look forward to. In March we’re going to Mallorca to visit Abbey and Jeremy and as a bonus Jon’s dad and granma will be there as well. It’ll be soo sweet. When we get back we just have to work a few days and then we go to Edinburgh to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. In April we go to Sweden over the Easter holiday to visit my family in the Stockholm area. Later in April we go to Gothenburg (sort of) to share Samuel and Sofia’s big day. It will be awesome!
And it’s soon as well… Ah how my life has turned around from small studioflats in London and NO MONEY what so ever to “the green twig” as we say in Sweden.
So a lot of things have been happening but I have forgotten to write about it. One thing that happened just yesterday was that Jon bought me flowers! He tried to the other week but we did not have a vase so he didn’t. But yesterday he came home with flowers AND a vase. Very well planned cause I’d had a horrible day and pmsing and everything. I have never gotten flowers before like that. It felt nice ;)
Yesterday ended quite abruptly with me falling asleep to Saturday Night Live before ten. We’d watched Napoleon Dynamite before that and I don’t really understand why I have missed that movie before. Such a classic!
Today at work was sort of the same as always, a little bit better. It was me running around trying to do everything and all at once. I will though. I will do it all. I will accomplish.
Goodnight, speak again soon. /C